Welcome to the website of the Abenaki Tribe at Nulhegan~Memphremagog .


This page is for the Nulhegan Band. Please download and print the documents you need. Read them carefully, as there are certain conditions that must be met in order to gather.

new permits granted

Note frome Chief Don Stevens

Please find the following gathering license that I negotiated with the State of Vermont. This gives Nulhegan and the other 3 tribes gathering access to all State Lands, including State Parks, and State Natural Areas. Please carry this license with you when gathering and also review the restrictions. So we now have access to all the Fish and Wildlife Management Areas and State Lands. This pretty much covers all of Vermont. Happy Gathering.

A boundary map for the Wionooski license will be added soon.


Signed Gathering License 19768 access to State Forests and parks (pdf)


Winooski Hydroelectric Company permission to Gather (pdf)


nulhegan basin permit


Details about the permit

Plant list is still the same as last year.  People who gather need to let Chief Don Stevens know where you harvest, what you harvest, and when you harvest per the conditions of the documents.

Consent to Request to Gather Plants on TransCanada Lands

Message from Chief Don Stevens: I want to reiterate two important elements that are important to adhere to:

  1. Prior to any collection by tribe members, they are to notify TransCanada's Land Manager or equivalent one week before any planned harvest.  At this time, please contact Brandon Kibbe at TransCanada via email at brandon_kibbe@transcanada.com  or (832) 584-3229 for any such notification.
  2. A copy of this consent letter MUST be carried by tribal members harvesting on TransCanada property.


Abenaki Consent to Gather Plants (pdf)


Zip Files - Maps of areas available for havesting (zip)


Special Permission for Gathering Resources and Medicines

Permission Granted to Nulhegan


....to gather resources and medicines on the Federal Lands that are controlled by the First Light Power Company in VT, NH, and MA. 


First Light letter for Printing (jpg)


Boundary Maps for Printing (pdf)


Visit the website to read all the information.


Vermont Land Trust

U.S. Forest Service


Permission to gather in the Green Mountain National Forest granted to the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe

NOTICE: A valid Nulhegan ID (Tribal Card) must be produced upon request when gathering in the National Forest Lands

Please see the link below to download a copy of the letter of permission. Please print the letter and carry it with you.

Download the Letter of Permission

Green Mountain Forest Permission to Gather Document (pdf)