WABANAAGIG, Land of the Rising Sun goes beyond words to encapsulate the strong emotions of the Wabanaki, a people who have emerged from centuries of oppression, occupation of their lands, and obliteration of their languages. Through these episodic stories, the series celebrates the strength and resiliency of a proud people. In Episode 9, Abenaki of Vermont - A Struggle for Recognition' years of struggle finally ends with the state recognition of the Abenaki nations at Vermont. For Information on the complete series, visit:

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Performance at the Echo Center

Several members of the tribe went to The Echo Center to Drum on Negoseban, which is the name of their big drum. Listen to and watch the video to experience Abenaki drumming and singing a traditional song. 

Nulhegan Drummers at the Echo Center

City of Burlington and Abenaki Alliance

City of Burlington and Abenaki Alliance Announce Discussions to Promote Awareness of Abenaki History

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger and Chief Don Stevens from the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk – Abenaki Nation today announced that the City of Burlington and Vermont Abenaki Alliance (made up of the four Abenaki Tribes recognized by the State of Vermont) have agreed to explore several projects to promote awareness of Abenaki history and culture. This announcement is the result of conversations between the City and Chief Stevens that arose during the discussion of the Church Street “Everyone Loves a Parade” mural. In lieu of participating in the Mural Task Force to determine the future of the mural, Chief Stevens and the Abenaki Alliance have chosen to pursue other projects, which will include an annual summer event on Church Street and may include a display of cultural artifacts at the Burlington International Airport, among other potential projects. These projects will build on Burlington’s previous work with Abenaki communities to create the Chief Grey Lock statue in Battery Park and the City Council’s acknowledgment and support of recognition of the Abenaki Nation in September of 1995.

 “Abenaki Tribes have a long history within the State of Vermont and with the City of Burlington,” said Chief Don Stevens. “As leaders within our Abenaki communities, the Chiefs have decided not to participate in the ‘Everyone Loves a Parade’ Mural Task Force, but to find other positive avenues to promote our culture within the City. We look forward to collaborating with the City on projects that will increase local and international awareness of Abenaki history and culture. Finally, if the mural is to be changed or altered, we do feel that the Native person depicted on the mural should accurately and historically represent Abenaki people from this region.” 

“I appreciated Chief Don Stevens’ input as we have been working through the community challenges related to the ‘Everyone Loves a Parade’ mural,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger. “The City welcomes the opportunity to continue to work with the Abenaki Alliance to find ways of properly recognizing the role of the Abenaki in the history and future of this region.”

Please note that this communication and any response to it will be maintained as a public record and may be subject to disclosure under the Vermont Public Records Act.

Abenaki Women Share Heritage With Champlain College Community

"We say the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and it keeps everything equal, sound," says Lucy Cannon-Neel, who taught the class.

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Professor Fred Wiseman Speaks at Echo Center

Abenaki historians celebrate harvest dinner at ECHO

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Chief Don Stevens Speaks at Echo Center

Abenaki chief explains year without summer 200 years ago.

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Talk on Racism by Chief Don Stevens

Given to the EMS in Burlington, VT

This is a video on YouTube that addresses the racism experienced by Native American people. Please watch!

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Talk given by Prof. Fred Wiseman

Vermont Abenaki Heritage

VPR Podcast - Brave Little State

What Is The Status Of The Abenaki Native Americans In Vermont Today?

Read about Vermont's First Citizens