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Performance at the Echo Center

Several members of the tribe went to The Echo Center to Drum on Negoseban, which is the name of their big drum. Listen to and watch the video to experience Abenaki drumming and singing a traditional song. 

Abenaki Women Share Heritage With Champlain College Community

"We say the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and it keeps everything equal, sound," says Lucy Cannon-Neel, who taught the class.

Do you want to join the tribe?

Professor Fred Wiseman Speaks at Echo Center

Abenaki historians celebrate harvest dinner at ECHO

Chief Don Stevens Speaks at Echo Center

Abenaki chief explains year without summer 200 years ago.

Talk on Racism by Chief Don Stevens

Given to the EMS in Burlington, VT

This is a video on YouTube that addresses the racism experienced by Native American people. Please watch!

Talk given by Prof. Fred Wiseman

VPR Podcast - Brave Little State

What Is The Status Of The Abenaki Native Americans In Vermont Today?