Welcome to the website of the Abenaki Tribe at Nulhegan~Memphremagog .

Nulhegan Abenaki Tribal Enrollment

Nulhegan Abenaki Tribal Flag


 To be considered for enrollment, you must provide documentation establishing direct kinship to Nulhegan and/or other Abenaki/Coosuk families.  Applications that do not include this documentation will not be considered.

 If your documentation is in order, please fill out the Nulhegan Application for Tribal Enrollment
(may be downloaded from link below). 

Nulhegan members and friends at Shelburne Farms


Download an Application for tribal enrollment Here

Please note that it may take between three and six months to process your application. 

When sending in your application, it is necessary to provide documentation to prove your relationship to the Abeanki ancestor. This would include your birth certificate. Also include other documentation such as a copy of your genealogy or other proofs of origin, such as marriage certificates of ancestors, birth and death certificates, or other items that tie you to such ancestor(s). Thank you.

enrollment_application (pdf)


Download Tribal ID Card application only here

Note that the Tribal ID Card Application  Form below is for those who are already enrolled in the tribe. For example, children who have turned 16, someone who has not previously had a card, or someone who needs a new card.

tribal_id_application (pdf)